To the uninitiated, horse riding is simply an affluent way to while the time away. To such people, the rider simply sits and enjoys the ride while doing hardly anything. To the horse rider however, this is one great exercise that comes with a huge amount of benefits.

Provides physical exercise
The rider on horseback has to stay balanced. When the horse is moving at great speed, the rider has to work even harder to maintain balance and this requires a fair amount of endurance and strength. Horseback riders who do it as a sport are actually highly trained athletes who have to learn to coordinate their movements with that of the horse. The balancing acts that are necessary when the horse goes through various acts such as jumping and galloping make the rider exercise his or her pelvic muscles and inner thighs immensely.

Horse riding is therefore an intense activity. It helps burn calories and is a great exercise for anybody who desires to lose weight. Taking care of the horse provides even more physical exercises as you’ll have to lift heavy bags containing the horse’s feed and generally learn to take care of the stable.

A chance to get into natural surroundings
For the person who is always stuck in an office, horseback riding provides a great opportunity to get out into more natural surroundings. As you guide your horse through forests and climb mountains, you get both the benefits of physical activity and a chance to breathe fresh country air. For the stressed out person, riding could be the ultimate stress buster.

Good for mental health
Horse riding requires immense concentration. Moreover, if you were to become a horse owner, you’ll realize that keeping your horse in the best possible shape requires plenty of learning as you’ll have problems to deal on a regular basis. This is important for your mental health – by keeping your mind engaged, you help yourself escape the possibility of developing age related problems such as dementia.

Good for socializing
If you are a person who craves solitude, horse riding can help as all you have to do is take your horse and get out into the countryside. Most horse riders however use the activity for socializing. There are plenty of horse-riding competitions and most of the people who attend go with the intention of socializing. Whether you attend such a competition or go to a riding school, you are bound to meet people with a similar interest and you’ll therefore be enlarging your circle of friends.